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General Package Info

The Downtown Brew Festival returns to the Clark County Amphitheater after a very successful turnout in 2016. Last year the festival gave 3,500 craft beer enthusiasts the opportunity to taste over 200 different brews from more than 60 local, regional and international breweries. This year Motley Brews aims to bring in an even bigger selection of beer, new gourmet food elements and rising local musical talent that is sure to excite beer lovers of all levels. Attendance will be capped at 3,500 to prevent overcrowding.

Venue Details

Downtown Brew Festival will once again be held at the Clark County Amphitheater, a grassy and shady venue with 100,000 square feet of event space in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas.

Why Motley Brews’ Festivals?

We know that you have many festivals and events to choose from throughout the year. What makes Motley Brews events different is that we’re not just catering to craft beer fans – we are recruiting new ones. Our comprehensive marketing push caters to Las Vegas locals and a specific demographic that aims to bring in new craft beer buyers. The Downtown Brew Festival is held in the midst of a surging downtown movement full of tastemakers and community influencers.

Brewery Participation Benefits

As always, Motley Brews events require no monetary contribution for breweries to participate. Motley Brews provides a “turnkey” experience to all brewery and distributor participants. As part of the Downtown Brew Festival, each brewery attending will receive:

  • Option for $175 keg reimbursement for your first 15.5g keg
  • Three Staff Access Credentials
  • Ice, keg/bottle tubs and tables and product delivered to your table on day of festival
  • Staff-only Restrooms On-Site
  • Advertising through Motley Brews to include website representation, email blasts and event program information

Participation Requirements

In support of our above efforts, each brewery participating is required to provide a total minimum of a three (3) 15.5g keg equivalent for the festival (21 twelve ounce case equivalent) and to arrange for its delivery through the brewery’s local distributor. Each brewery and distributor is asked to provide corresponding serving equipment: jockey boxes, CO2, tap handles, bottle openers, and brewery representatives or servers to handle your product sampling throughout the festival. Please complete participation form by September 7, 2017 (last year all brewery spots were booked before the cut-off date so please bear in mind that reservations are first come, first serve).

Participation Application Due September 7, 2017