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About the VIP Pavilion

The VIP ticket is the most sought-after credential at DBF. This exclusive area hosts a combination of national media, sponsors and discerning guests for four hours of rare beer and culinary tastings. VIP Chefs have the opportunity to connect with this group and advance their brand with prominent tastemakers at the event.

Participation Benefits

As part of Downtown Brew Festival, each attending Chef will receive:

  • Featured contributing Chef for Downtown Brew Festival VIP Pavilion
  • Designated signage in VIP area (provided by Motley Brews).
  • 1 waived vendor fee ($250 value) in Festaurant Row for GA sales (only 15% Motley Brews participation in back-end sales applies).
  • Advertising through DBF to include website representation, email blasts and event program information.
  • Staff Access Credentials to DBF ’15.
  • Six (6) VIP Pavilion Guest Credentials.
  • Tables, chairs, linens as well as a hand-washing station for your booth in Festaurant Row (GA Sales Area) and space within VIP Pavilion.
  • Motley Brews will offer support towards BOH rental requests.
  • Preparation and submission of Southern Nevada Health Department Temporary Food Establishment Permit (includes cost of permit for VIP Pavilion).
  • 2015 DBF social media package.

Participation Requirements

In support of our above efforts, we ask that each participating Chef provide the following: 

  • At least two (2) “small plate” dishes inspired by or created with craft beer prepared with a total of 600 portions of each dish (two-bite portions served individually on small plates).
  • Dishes prepared must feature at least one (1) protein option and one (1) vegetable option.
  • Kitchen equipment and staff necessary for food preparation and service during the event.
  • All small wares (i.e plates, napkins, utensils, towels, etc.).
  • Payment for cost of Southern Nevada Health Department Temporary Food Establishment Permit for General Sales (if participating).

  • Chef Information

  • VIP Pavilion Menu

    Please list your menu items for service in the VIP Pavilion.
  • Power Needs

  • Please describe your needs for power access during the festival. Include the number and type of connections: (ex. (2) 110v/20amp outlets AND (1) 210v/50amp outlet).
  • Restaurant Information

    Please include the information for the restaurant you would like to have represented at the Downtown Brew Festival. Participation in the VIP Pavilion includes complimentary booth space in the General Festival area for food sales. If you are interested in conducting sales in the General Festival area, please indicate that on the form below.
  • Please input your First and Last name.

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