VIP Pavilion | Las Vegas Pizza Festival


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 VIP Experience (3)

The VIP Pavilion is reserved for only the most discerning brew enthusiasts, and this year we continue the trend of elevating the VIP experience.

Located in the heart of the festival, VIP ticket holders will enjoy an early preview of the eclectic culinary creations of renowned Chef Sonia El-Nawal, executive chef of the soon-to-open Perch restaurant with ingredients from specialty grocery store The Market, both located in the center of bustling Downtown Las Vegas.  Chef Sonia was a finalist in Food Network’s hit show Chopped and injects a fusion of flavors into this year’s VIP menu.  See her menus below for a taste of the eats you’ll only find inside the VIP Pavilion at DBF.

Note: VIP Pavilion tickets are limited to only 500 guests and entitle the holder to all EE and GA privileges. 

The Menus VIP

Market Menu (1)Perch Menu (2)

The Beer VIP

Enjoy special reserve pours only available in the VIP Pavilion from premiere breweries.

Victory Brewing Company – Storm King Imperial StoutJoseph James – Bel-GinBanger Brewing – Perfect 10Big Dog’s – FancyTenaya Creek – Cask of Hop Ride IPAChicago Brewing – Go Go Juice Honey Bru BruPort Brewing – Mongo IIPAPizza Port – Swami’s IPAPizza Port – Ponto S.I.P.ABallast Point – Grapefruit SculpinBallast Point – Indra KunindraMaudite – Eau BeniteBrasserie Du Bocq – Blanche De NamurRince Cochon – Cuvee SpecialeSt. Feuillien – Grand CruAffligem – CuveeImper Ale – ChiaraSamuel Smith – Oatmeal StoutSamuel Smith – India AleSamuel Smith – Nut Brown Ale

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